Kate Middleton fans freak out over her latest choice of tiara

The Duchess of Cambridge donned a tiara that was new for her tonight, but longtime royal watchers will recognize the piece’s very special significance.

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted being driven to a private diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace alongside her husband Prince missdressshop.co.uk cheap bridesmaid dresses, Duke of Cambridge, wearing something gorgeous and sparkly atop her head — and it appears to be one of the late Princess Diana’s favorite tiaras.

Kate appears to be wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, which was “given” — actually loaned for the length of her marriage from Queen Elizabeth — to Princess Diana as a wedding gift when she wed Prince Charles in 1981. It quickly became one of Diana’s signature pieces and she wore it to countless events and formal photoshoots until she and Prince Charles divorced.

The tiara has not been worn since then, so royal watchers are obviously freaking out over its latest appearance.

The tiara was created for Queen Mary in 1913 by royal jeweler Garrard, and upon her death in 1953 was left to Queen Elizabeth. It is a copy of one given to Augusta Hesse-Kassel, the first Duchess of Cambridge, as a wedding gift in 1818.

This is only the third tiara Kate has worn since her 2011 wedding to Prince William, and the fourth formal occasion where she has worn one. She wore the Halo tiara to her wedding and the Lotus Flower tiara to the same diplomatic reception last year, as well as to Britain’s official state dinner for China President Xi Jinping in October 2015.

These few glimpses of Kate in the car on the way to the reception are likely the only ones we will see, as the event is private and no official photos are released to the public.


10 haircuts and hairstyles to look younger

Aging is one of the issues of concern to women. Regardless of treatments and facial creams which can not do without to care for our skin, hair can help us take off years. There haircuts, colors and even hairstyles that are going to become our allies to rejuvenate. Want to know what?

Every time we live longer, and every time we are concerned about our image more. Be healthy, of course, it is our top priority, but also be beautiful and young. And it is that women love to be told phrases like “I can not believe you turned 40”, “for you do not spend time, are practically the same as 10 years ago” …

The increasingly desired … eternal youth is true that to look younger must be careful, because everything influences: have a bright and fresh skin, keep a healthy weight, not to mention certain body parts that often betray the passage of time … But we have a great ally to take off up to 10 years off: hair.

There are colors, tones, haircuts and hairstyles that can help us look younger. As before, you look at the celebrities, they more than anyone, suffer the drawbacks of aging and thus prove all sorts of tricks for them not to pass the time. In addition to operations and aesthetic treatments, the famous are put in the hands of the best stylists looking colors, haircuts and hairstyles more flattering and remaining years.

So that by looking at them, here are the tips and tricks that can help you look younger with your hair:

– Colouring: fleeing extreme colors which harden the features. If you’re blonde, go for gold, brunettes and honey tones. If you are chestnut brown and clear commitment chocolates. Overall dark tones in the hair add years. It is best to mix dyes playing with two or three different tones, wicks and reflections will help you get that hair color makes you look younger.

You will like to read more.

It has Ash enjoys success of ‘First Row: Come True’

Youth haash pop duo continue to enjoy until next year the fruits of their “First row: Made reality” album that changed his career and which will visit Latin America.

“We will continue with the tour, right now we ended the year in Spain, had the opportunity to be in Central and South http://www.missdressshop.co.uk/bridesmaid-dresses-c-28/, United States and Mexico,” said Hanna in talk with the media.

“We will travel throughout Latin America,” said the singer, who along with her sister first introduced in Taxco, as part of the musical offerings of the National Silver Fair 2015.

“We are happy to visit this place, do not know Taxco well and we are keen to stay.”

Due to the success of his latest production, which launched in 2014 and that “Sorry, sorry”, “I learned from you” and “Ex truth”, the group prepared a special edition in gratitude for their fans is clear.

“We are a repackaging of our ‘Front Row’, is a gift to our fans to close the year with new songs, some new duets, a documentary, in short, it is a gift to our fans.”

“Right now we are focused on this material has changed our career, but in the middle of next year will prepare the new” forward Hanna, who acknowledged that it is still “too early to talk about the new album.”

“There is not a song list for the next album, we’re focused on repacking,” said Ashley, who hinted that there will be new collaborations in his next production.

Due to hard work, Ashley acknowledged that he has no time for love; however, he feels grateful with what you have: “We felt like the most blessed women because we do what we love.”

Jessa Duggar shows off Josh’s newborn baby

Josh Duggar’s family has been (understandably) staying out of the media of late, meaning those of us who love looking at some cute Duggar kids haven’t gotten anywhere near our fill of his 4-month-old daughter, Meredith Grace. Good thing we have Jessa Duggar to help out with that.

Jessa posted a photo to her Intagram account of little Meredith looking completely angelic during a bridesmaid dresses uk at missdressshop.co.uk. She’s wrapped in a warm blanket with a red and yellow polka dot pacifier and a huge pink bow perched on top of her head, hiding her hair. Jessa captioned the photo simply with a smiling and a heart-eyed emoji, which is pretty much how we feel about this little one, too.

Josh, meanwhile, is still in faith-based rehab treatment after admitting to a pornography addiction and cheating on his wife, Anna. Anna and the couple’s three other children have largely stayed out of the public eye since the scandal broke, but she appears in a clip previewing Jessa’s upcoming TLC reality series, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, where it appears she will address the incident and how it affected her family.

“It was heartbreaking to hear what had happened,” a tearful Anna says in the clip, before staring dejectedly off-camera and adding, “Yeah.”

Prior to the cheating scandal, Josh also admitted to molesting underage girls as a teen, including some of his sisters. The Duggar family’s hit reality series 19 Kids and Counting was canceled soon after.

Disney plans ‘Princess Diaries 3’

Disney is a third part of ‘The Princess Diaries’ plan.

Ten years after the last part, ‘The Princess Diaries 2’, is now to be another sequel, which insiders have long read more. The first part of 2001 blew up the box office and helped the then clumsy Anne Hathaway to her great theater break. According to ‘The Tracking Board’ is the next part now a done deal, but if the actress returns to the franchise, is still unclear. The story of ‘The Princess Diaries’ revolves around the gray mouse Mia, which is more of an outsider. However, they visited one day Queen Clarissee Renaldi and learns that she is a princess. After initial difficulties, the clumsy girl tries to be a real lady.

Whether Hathaway finds time for this project is questionable. It has just been announced that they will take over in the ambitious project ‘Colossal’ starring, a bizarre story that a film of Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo. The strip is as a mix of ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Lost in Translation’; recently told the director: “‘Colossal’ is the most ambitious script that I’ve ever had and probably also the most personal and Anne this incredible team on board exceeds all my expectations..”

How to discover music from here and elsewhere? By listening to digital radio

Remember the risk of overdose. Hello Adele was played 800 times on national music radio during the last week of October according Yacast. This Thursday, November 19th, around 1:44 p.m., as they passed like pieces? Me Quemo of kendji on NRJ (including “programming focused on a number of securities and restricted artists” noted the CSA in 2013). Later, we heard Rohff Jewel on Twitter. On Fun Radio it was Michael Canitrot Chain Reaction (heard at 9:44 on the same radio), followed by Black On my drive M. Meanwhile, RTL 2 was broadcasting the siren song of Frero Delavega. Even MPs have moaned in September: too many rotations of the same pieces. Yet listeners want to discover music beyond tubes and categories.

During the strike at Radio France in March, the radio listeners were enthusiastic about the music play-list that filled the antenna on France Inter http://www.missdressshop.co.uk/bridesmaid-dresses-c-28/. “Every time there is a strike on France Inter, I have a lot of fun to listen to their play-lists. So much so that I think that it’s probably a shame that they do not create a dedicated music radio. The diversity and richness of these pieces are well Lesson commercial radio! “Told a visitor in comments on 20 Minutes. This music radio public service was called RF8 but she was buried in secret in June. So how for a music lover to discover new music on the radio?

Electro side, we should also go towards Tsugi Radio, declination on the web of the magazine, which has just been launched in October. What for ? “We made the observation that in the media landscape, the space dedicated to underground music, sharp or discovery is reduced to a trickle, advanced Antoine Dabrowski, director antenna. Paradoxically, these musics meet growing festivals. “For now, this digital radio emits a streaming music, with programming focused on what’s new.
“Internet radio allows great flexibility, insists Antoine Dabrowski. Once an employee falls on a title, it can land on the playlist the next day. But you can also spend classics like Kraftwerk and Massive Attack, you do not hear on FM radios. “Radio Tsugi achieve its first direct on the occasion of Rennes Transmusicales in December. The founders of these radio stations want to find the music pioneer spirit of “free radio” Radio Nova which was one of the incarnations. “Projects such as Internet radio or the Mellotron us, we are all children of Nova”, showed Philippe Thevenet in Bleat Mag To discover, share, this is also the mission that was assigned Mellotron: “All we are interested, there is a radio listening and discovery. (…) We want to provide listeners of things they do not know. The ultimate goal is to promote the music simply “explained Candy magazine in one of the founders of this Parisian webradio.

“Slow, fast and weird”
A shared desire by Benjamin Moreau, who created Radiooooo.com with DJ “Today except Nova and Fip, music radio, it became a factory. We, we want to explore musical treasures. Our web radio is not designed by nature, but by mood. Slow when you smoke a firecracker or work, to carouse fast and weird for weird things. “On the site, the radio offers two settings, geographical and time to discover titles. Nigeria + FAST + 1980 = Na waya Ghetto Blaster (a nugget!). Chile + Fast + 1960 = Lo que Sera Los Beat 4 (not bad). It still trying: Wired + Japan + 1970 = Memai Reiko Ike (strange indeed).

Kim Kardashian bekommt nackten Besuch

Kim Kardashian West war geschockt, als mitten in der Nacht eine betrunkene und nackte Frau versucht hat, in ihr Hotelzimmer einzudringen.

Die Schwangere besucht gerade das ‘Cannes Lions Festival’ im Süden Frankreichs. Ihre Mutter Kris Jenner und ihre bridesmaid dresses uk at missdressshop.co.uk Kylie Jenner begleiten sie zum größten Kreativ-Festival der Welt, wo sie an einer Frage/Antwort-Sitzung teilnehmen wird. Am heutigen Mittwoch (24. Juni) wachte die Ehefrau von Rapper Kanye West aufgrund von lauten Geräuschen, die die betrunkene Frau verursachte, gegen vier Uhr morgens auf. Diese war sich sicher, dass das Zimmer des Reality-Stars ihr gehöre. Die mysteriöse Betrunkene, die laut Kardashian keinerlei Kleider am Leib trug, versuchte mit Hilfe ihrer American-Express-Kreditkarte in den Raum zu gelangen.

In einer Reihe von Twitter-Posts schrieb die 34-Jährige: “Herzlichen Dank an die betrunkene nackte Frau, die so einen Lärm gemacht hat, dass ich seit vier Uhr kein Auge mehr zugemacht habe. Ich bin jetzt total müde und muss arbeiten!” Die Mutter von der kleinen North West hofft, dass sie dem nächtlichen Gast noch einmal im Hotel begegnet: “Ich habe ein witziges Video von ihr gedreht um ihr zu zeigen, warum ich es nicht gutheiße, wenn jemand zu viel trinkt.”

Don’t mistake my cynicism for criticism. I just don’t know how I feel yet about being able to choose the sex of your baby. Honestly, I just don’t know. And the whole “wanting an heir” business… just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And these aren’t direct quotes either, so he might not have actually said it that particular way.

This same source said, “Kim would have happily taken a healthy baby, but being able to choose the sex is the cherry on top!”