Many farmers have changed this season of life

After the special program ten years last week, Love is in the meadow is back on M6 on Monday. From 8:55 p.m., you will discover the first stars of the season 11 farmers coming later this year. Karine Le Marchand, who also gives you an appointment Monday, January 18 for the second part portraits, says more than 20 Minutes.

What to expect for the new season?
You will discover 14 farmers including three women. The average age this year is bridesmaid dresses uk at This is higher than last year. Were selected farmers who mainly lived with a partner. Most are parents. Many have lived a painful breakup and have changed their lives.

Which candidates are more pronounced among you we’ll find?
There Polo, 60, who is Breton. He lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. He carriages with horses and walking tourists, the elderly, the disabled children. It is a sociable and popular man in his region, he has a heart of gold. It is extraordinary. There is also Julien de Lorraine, who has thirty years. He had an accident: he fell from the roof of his farm and is now quite slow in his movements. Another remarkable story is that of Benedict, 29, who lost 35 kg before contacting us.

He is very cute. He is rebuilding phase. He lived his early love stories in a body that did not satisfy him. He wants to find love in her new skin. It is very touching. I also think of William, who has two jobs: farmer and undertaker. He lives in a small village so it buries people he knows. It is joyful, smiling. No pun intended, “he sketched toothy life” (laughs). There is also a farmer who left the French Riviera to raise snails. She now lives and provides great restaurants. You will find it as full of original trades this season.

After bickering with James Blunt, the issue will she a new generic as soon as Monday?
Yes I do. James Blunt is over. The generic is not a recent song. It’s a song you know and that is not French … (suspense) I was used to James Blunt, it’s still in the lead and we knew what we expected when the credits were heard. But the words of the new generic longer correspond to the reality of the show You’re beautiful that spoke of disappointed love.

Are not you tired to present this show?
Look Julien Lepers, he presented questions for a champion for 27 years! Me it is not 27 years (laughs) I discover every time new people, it is a meeting. I like everything that is intimate. Apart from taking the place of Frédéric Lopez … His show [The unexpected parenthesis on France 2] is the only program that gives pride to privacy. There is no company magazines on TV unfortunately.

There has recently been a special second chance and a special show for ten years Love is in the meadow. You’re not afraid to do it too?
If … But it’s really timely for the second chance and ten years. This show is a gem because there is an expectation. We must not waste this waiting there.


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