Decalogue style Berta Vazquez

His Ethiopian origin is responsible for the exotic beauty that captivated not only to Mario Casas, but also the viewers ‘Vis a Vis’. Now, while waiting get back into the role of Curly in the face of the second season of the series, he makes the leap to the big screen with ‘Palmeras in the snow’. We know the secrets of fashion actress Berta Vazquez.

1. A look that you feel identified

A casual look but with a sexy point. Or cowboy type and jersey tank top. Adding a supplement such as rings or necklace. Natural, comfortable and feminine.

2. What has been your biggest fashion fad?

I’ve never had anything concrete fixation but I’m usually of entering a store to buy a shirt and just hanging out with bags full of clothes!

3. Is there anything I ever give you?

DO NOT! Fashions come and go. Years ago I said I would never wear a hood and trousers have become now that I love.

4. heels or sneakers?


5. A symbol of style

Emma Watson. Elegant, simple and appropriate. Madonna at the other end. Transgressive, pioneering and bold.

6. A designer to walk the red carpet

Louis Vuitton.

7. Your favorite beauty product

Dark mascara and lipstick.

8. A place where you lose

Any place with beach. I love the energy and the environment on the coast.

9. What would your perfect date?

That which had interesting conversations and laughter. Something intimate and special.

10. If you had to stay with a song would be …

Right now, ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver.

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