NEW IN: emerald green lace & fringes, fake fur, pussy bow, hot pink & electric blue

Hi peeps! There are some new pieces in my wardrobe. in the past few weeks i received some beautiful new emerald green apparel pieces: this beautiful lace dress from boylymia, the emerald green fringed dress from H&M which i have already worn at new years eve, a silky carmen blouse, an electric blue short sleeved blouse, a cute little penguin from bukowski

The ressemblance to the homonymous author made me laugh out loud), a bright grey cape, a fake fur coat in black and it keeps me soooo warm!, a fake fur vest, a hot pink a-lined skirt from boylymia, and a pussy bow blouse from french connection, bought second hand at kleiderkreisel.

Hello my love! there are a few new achievements that I want to show you today. in recent weeks came some new wardrobe-bit about this: this beautiful emerald green lace dress from boylymia, the emerald fringe dress from H & M that I was already wearing New Year’s Eve, a Carmen blouse in silk look, an ultramarine blue blouse (I love that color!), a sübes penguin stofftier Bukowski (the similarity to same author made me laugh), a light gray cape, a black faux fur coat (which keeps you cozy and warm!), a faux fur vest, a bright pink skirt by boylymia, a bow blouse by French Connection, which I secondhand’ve bought over.


Many farmers have changed this season of life

After the special program ten years last week, Love is in the meadow is back on M6 on Monday. From 8:55 p.m., you will discover the first stars of the season 11 farmers coming later this year. Karine Le Marchand, who also gives you an appointment Monday, January 18 for the second part portraits, says more than 20 Minutes.

What to expect for the new season?
You will discover 14 farmers including three women. The average age this year is bridesmaid dresses uk at This is higher than last year. Were selected farmers who mainly lived with a partner. Most are parents. Many have lived a painful breakup and have changed their lives.

Which candidates are more pronounced among you we’ll find?
There Polo, 60, who is Breton. He lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. He carriages with horses and walking tourists, the elderly, the disabled children. It is a sociable and popular man in his region, he has a heart of gold. It is extraordinary. There is also Julien de Lorraine, who has thirty years. He had an accident: he fell from the roof of his farm and is now quite slow in his movements. Another remarkable story is that of Benedict, 29, who lost 35 kg before contacting us.

He is very cute. He is rebuilding phase. He lived his early love stories in a body that did not satisfy him. He wants to find love in her new skin. It is very touching. I also think of William, who has two jobs: farmer and undertaker. He lives in a small village so it buries people he knows. It is joyful, smiling. No pun intended, “he sketched toothy life” (laughs). There is also a farmer who left the French Riviera to raise snails. She now lives and provides great restaurants. You will find it as full of original trades this season.

After bickering with James Blunt, the issue will she a new generic as soon as Monday?
Yes I do. James Blunt is over. The generic is not a recent song. It’s a song you know and that is not French … (suspense) I was used to James Blunt, it’s still in the lead and we knew what we expected when the credits were heard. But the words of the new generic longer correspond to the reality of the show You’re beautiful that spoke of disappointed love.

Are not you tired to present this show?
Look Julien Lepers, he presented questions for a champion for 27 years! Me it is not 27 years (laughs) I discover every time new people, it is a meeting. I like everything that is intimate. Apart from taking the place of Frédéric Lopez … His show [The unexpected parenthesis on France 2] is the only program that gives pride to privacy. There is no company magazines on TV unfortunately.

There has recently been a special second chance and a special show for ten years Love is in the meadow. You’re not afraid to do it too?
If … But it’s really timely for the second chance and ten years. This show is a gem because there is an expectation. We must not waste this waiting there.

Bieber made official his romance with Hailey Baldwin

Canadian singer Justin Bieber seems to have made official his romance with model Hailey Baldwin, daughter of actor Alec Baldwin.

Both are on vacation in Hawaii, where the singer has shared several images next to cheap bridesmaid dresses.

However, on Sunday he surprised his followers in the social network to publish a photograph in which he is seen kissing the model.

Without adding a message to the image, rumors about a possible romance seem to be confirmed.

In another photograph they are seen sitting in a chair while the interpreter look at the neckline Baldwin.

When questioned about a possible romance, young people have said they are just very good friends.

Decalogue style Berta Vazquez

His Ethiopian origin is responsible for the exotic beauty that captivated not only to Mario Casas, but also the viewers ‘Vis a Vis’. Now, while waiting get back into the role of Curly in the face of the second season of the series, he makes the leap to the big screen with ‘Palmeras in the snow’. We know the secrets of fashion actress Berta Vazquez.

1. A look that you feel identified

A casual look but with a sexy point. Or cowboy type and jersey tank top. Adding a supplement such as rings or necklace. Natural, comfortable and feminine.

2. What has been your biggest fashion fad?

I’ve never had anything concrete fixation but I’m usually of entering a store to buy a shirt and just hanging out with bags full of clothes!

3. Is there anything I ever give you?

DO NOT! Fashions come and go. Years ago I said I would never wear a hood and trousers have become now that I love.

4. heels or sneakers?


5. A symbol of style

Emma Watson. Elegant, simple and appropriate. Madonna at the other end. Transgressive, pioneering and bold.

6. A designer to walk the red carpet

Louis Vuitton.

7. Your favorite beauty product

Dark mascara and lipstick.

8. A place where you lose

Any place with beach. I love the energy and the environment on the coast.

9. What would your perfect date?

That which had interesting conversations and laughter. Something intimate and special.

10. If you had to stay with a song would be …

Right now, ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver.

You will like to read more.

‘Bah humbug’ syndrome may be responsible for your lack of Christmas spirit

It turns out there actually is a difference between the brains of people who feel all warm and fuzzy inside during the Christmas season and those who inwardly want to scream every time they’re subjected to “Santa Baby.”

A team of researchers from the Danish hospital Rigshospitalet has discovered what it’s calling a “Christmas spirit network” in the brain.

“Throughout the world, we estimate that millions of people are prone to displaying spirit deficiencies after many years of celebrating Christmas,” say the paper’s authors in their tongue-in-cheek study. “We refer to this as the ‘bah humbug’ syndrome. Accurate localisation of the Christmas spirit is a paramount first step in being able to help this group of patients.”

The authors add that the Christmas spirit has long “eluded” the scientific community, “though well known as a pleasant feeling, its cerebral location and mechanisms are still a mystery.”

Steps closer to curing “bah humbug” syndrome
The scientists have managed to demystify Christmas cheer somewhat by localizing it in the brain. They pulled this off by conducting a series of tests using functional magnetic resonance imaging on the brains of 20 participants — 10 who celebrate Christmas and 10 without Christmas traditions. The researchers showed subjects different imagery, such as a plate full of Christmas-themed sweets juxtaposed with a plate of regular, boring old food with no Christmassy fixings.

They found unique brain activity among the group that celebrated Christmas: “There is a cerebral response when people view Christmas images, and there are differences in this response between people who celebrate Christmas compared with those with no Christmas traditions.”

Apparently a healthy dose of our Christmas cheer is linked to our desire to stuff our faces with delicious foods. Subjects’ premotor cortical mirror neurons responded “to observation of ingestive mouth actions.” Translation: When looking at images that reminded us of chowing down on Christmas food, our brains began to anticipate the feasting.

What’s the actual point of this study?
They point out that there are still some unknown variables and potential factors that could reduce the Christmas spirit network’s activity in one’s brain, like ugly sweaters nobody wants yet somehow people insist on buying said ugly sweaters and presenting them as “gifts.”

“Subgroups subjected to receipt of tacky jumpers as their Christmas present might also have different responses in brain activity from those of subgroups who tend to receive more attractive gifts,” report the scientists.

There was little discussion about the real-world applications of such a study, which appears to have been conducted simply for the sheer entertainment value of the researchers themselves, who reported that they later celebrated their results “at a subsequent Christmas party.”

Google reveals 20 of the crazy questions America asked this year

Did you ever stop and try to remember life before Google? You know, before you could find the answer to such life-altering questions as “how do I tuck my pants into my boots?” or “is the post office open on Christmas?” with just a few keystrokes? Let 2015 go down as the year we spent a whole lot of time trying to get the Internet to answer our “how tos” and “what is.”

And thanks to Google’s 2015 Year in Search, we now know the burning questions that weren’t just on our, but on our friends’, family’s and the rest of the world’s too. So what is it we just couldn’t stop Googling?

Here, a look at the top questions of 2015, and the answers, of course:

Top trending “What is…”

What is 0 divided by 0? — If you asked Siri this math problem this year, you likely got a rather sassy answer.

What is Ashley Madison? — A whole lot of trouble for a whole lot of cheating spouses, that’s what!

What is a buckeye? — Well, there’s buckeye bark, which is delicious, and then there’s a tree that’s plentiful in Ohio, lending its name to the Ohio State University sports teams.

What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge? — Something that gave plenty of teenagers the heebie-jeebies in 2015.

What is a lunar eclipse? — Many a science teacher is hanging their head at the notion that so many Americans don’t know that sometimes the Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light that usually reflects off the moon. But now you do know.

What is ebola? — A deadly and dangerous disease that hit American shores for the first time this year.

What is ISIS? — Unfortunately there are few who don’t know about the terrorist group these days.

What is Red Nose Day? — Hint: Who walks around in big, floppy shoes, mismatched clothes and a curly wig? If you said “clown,” you’re on the (red) nose, and you can guess the day is meant to use comedy to raise money for sick kids.

What is a blue moon? — Besides being a popular beer, it’s the second full moon in one month (and it’s rare… hence the phrase “once in a blue moon).

What is listeria? — Thanks to countless recalls of late, we’ve had to worry a lot about this foodborne illness.

Top trending “How to…”

How to use the new Snapchat update — Slo-mo filters, rewind and a whole lot more had us flummoxed.

How to solve a Rubik’s Cube — Ahem, 1984 called. It wants the answer.

How to get legendary marks — No, this doesn’t refer to grades in school, but to something much more legen -wait-for-it- dary, especially among teenagers: currency in the video game Destiny.

How to play Charlie Charlie — Refer to question #4 above.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 — This one’s pretty easy, considering anytime you log onto a Windows 7 machine you’re inundated with offers from Microsoft to do it.

How to get the new emojis — The better question? Who should be the first recipient of a taco emoji?

How to authorize a computer on iTunes — Thank goodness Apple has a help section. The question is, are we any more likely to read the fine print on that than we are on that looooooong contract? Hmm?

How to Hit the Quan — So you finally figured out how to Whip and Nae Nae, but can you do this?

How to lose 10 pounds in a week — This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Hot tip: It’s not all that healthy.

How to use Apple Pay — Check first; does your local store take Apple Pay?

‘The dress’ used in campaign against domestic violence

The dress that no one could agree on is now being used for a cause everyone can get behind.

In The Salvation Army’s campaign, a woman is wearing the infamous bridesmaid dresses uk at, but it has been altered to look clearly white and gold. She is also covered in noticeable bruises. The text above it reads: “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” and “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice.”

“One in 6 women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women,” The Salvation Army tweeted.

The social media campaign comes two days ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8.

Cassandra’s participation in this year’s show will be special since it gives her a shot at having a small prom experience since she was unable to attend her own.

“During my Grade 12 year is when I was hospitalized twice and I was really sick and had a hard time with school and wasn’t really up for dealing with prom,” she explained.

“So I went to Suits Me Fine and I found the most stereotypical prom dress. It’s like the blue teal with black lace over top. Half the people at my school wore this exact dress. And it was just my size. It was meant to be.”

She also plans on adding a few touches to the dress to make it her own for the show.

Cassandra first heard about the Suits Me Fine boutique when she was a patient at CAMH and was in desperate need of winter gloves. She hadn’t heard about the store located in CAMH’s community mall until it was suggested to her.